HOLY CRAP!! My Minecraft project went VIRAL!!



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Last night, I decided to post my Spirited Away in Minecraft project on the r/ghibli subreddit, hoping to get a little more publicity. The Ghibli subreddit is a relatively small branch of, the “front page of the internet”. It hit the “hot” section of the Ghibli subreddit quickly, and by the end of the day, it had a score of 500. A few people suggested that I submit it to r/gaming, the much larger subreddit, with over 4 million followers. So before going to bed, I put it on r/gaming. When I woke up, it was on the freaking front page of reddit!!!!


So if you’re on the front page of the website that calls itself the “front page of the internet”, that’s a pretty big deal. And it turned out to be exactly that. Throughout the day it popped up EVERYWHERE. I took the time to compile a montage of the various blogs that it’s been featured on, all of them today:


Now, remembering how hard it was to get anyone to post an article about my Animator vs. Animation IV Kickstarter, this blows me away. I haven’t seen something I made go this viral since the first Animator vs. Animation. I honestly didn’t think this would ever go viral, because I posted it on Planet Minecraft 2 years ago and it never went anywhere else. I even gave it an elaborate post on the Minecraft Forums only to watch it get buried. I guess I’m continuously learning about online publicity. Placement is everything.

Alright! Guess I’d better get back to placing blocks and recording videos for Minecraft, as well as drawing stick figures and recording tutorials for Animator vs. Animation!


  • Some Guy That Likes Your Work

    Awesome !

  • Blue Moonripple

    Wow! You are very talented! And I was already impressed with your stick animations!
    Keep up the great work!!