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Okay, so this project that I have been referring to as “number 4” is undoubtedly going to be bigger and better than number 3.


I have thus far logged 258.5 (246+12.5)  hours working on it, which is just 36.5 away from the 325 hours I worked on number 3. The thing is, I’m less than halfway done. I’ve finished about 4 minutes of animation.

I wrote the whole story out before I started. But I had no idea how long it would end up being. So I am cutting out certain scenes from the original storyline, namely, the Macbook scene and the YouTube scene. There’s so much I could do with both of these scenes, so I would rather do them separately as their own mini-episodes after the release of AVA4, in order to give them their proper treatment, rather than being rushed to fit them into this animation and not do everything I could with each.

It started as a part time thing, now it’s gradually becoming my full time commitment. I wake up, eat breakfast, work on this animation for up to 9 hours (usually 4-5), eat lunch, eat dinner, go to sleep. There will be occasional freelance tasks here and there, like Stick Texting, but when I’m not doing that, I’m “number 4”-ing.

My plan is to finish it by late July. That’s less than 3 months. Wish me luck!

Oh yeah, I enabled comments recently, so I encourage you to leave a comment, I appreciate any feedback.


  • Arnav Joshi


  • Jed Enrico Miclat Dueñas

    So it will be not supposed to released in augost 11?

    • Alan Becker

      Hey Jed, actually at this point, a more likely deadline will be the end of September. Sorry for the delay!

      • GGzzskrub

        Inb4 requests for AvA 5