Two new animations for Revolt TV!


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I made two animations for Revolt TV, the new music TV network started by Sean Combs. They wanted me to make two 30 second animations of two different guys watching TV, and not liking the music TV networks that exist, until they land on Revolt. The ensuing music causes them to jump out of their seat and start to dance.

Here’s the first one, featuring a Napoleon Dynamite type character, Austin Mahone, Keeping up with the Kardashians, and Earth Wind and Fire.

Here’s the second one, featuring a fat guy, Fuse TV, Soulja Boy, and Daft Punk.

I also made a few new Minecraft Tutorials!

Here’s a bridge that builds itself:

Here’s a simple Water Show:

And here is a compact, high speed two floor elevator:

Something that I try to do is explain how the machines work so that others can get a better understanding of the engineering so they can build their own machines. I feel like many Minecraft tutorials quickly show how to build the machines without explaining what’s exactly going on. But as a consequence, my videos are a little longer than most.

I’m working slowly but surely on Animator vs. Animation IV. I’ve hit a sort of animator’s block, actually, which has discouraged me from putting many hours into it, but what I might do is skip the section I’m working on, and start from a different part of the story line.

Thanks for reading and watching!

Alan Becker