Release Date and SNEAK PEEK!!


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It’s been 670 work hours, now I can finally give a definite release date! Here’s a sneak peek!

I’m having my composer friend Sarah Eide do the music for the animation! Although the majority of the animation will be without music, there are scenes that almost require music, and since there will be a long credits list, music is imperative.

Holy crap, this is so exciting and nerve racking at the same time. It’s the final stretch, so more than anything I want to see it finished. I actually feel annoyed when the day is over because I’d rather keep working than sleep, and I’d rather keep working than eat. I still sleep and eat but it’s hard not to see everything that’s not animating as an obstacle.

I did promise to finish the animation by August 11, so I did not live up to that, and I think the reason was that I chose to begin animating in November instead of that August. It actually took every single day of the past year to bring it to completion, contrary to my expectation of being able to work on it casually here and there for a year, as a part time job of sorts. It’s become my full time job, and I used up every penny of that Kickstarter bank, plus the PayPal donations that I am so grateful for.

Thank you all for your patience. I’m very proud of this masterpiece, and I am so ready to move on to what’s next!