Giant Pencil

Sculpture class assignment was to build a tower out of wood that was at least 4 feet tall, and was free standing. I decided to make a giant pencil.

It’s not a solid piece of wood, it’s hollow. I glued 6 long panels together and spray painted them yellow. Then I sprayed it with gloss.
For the tip of the pencil, I layered plywood into a block shape and carved it into a cone. The tip is just drawn on with pencil.
The end of the pencil is two tomato cans. The eraser is half of one of the cans, I covered it with a two part epoxy, sanded it smooth, and spray painted it pink. Although it’s hard to see, I nailed dents around the cans where you would usually see dents on a pencil.
The words were scraped with an old nail and inked with a sharpie marker.

Featured on the Columbus Dispatch!

2010, wood, spray paint, tin cans, epoxy, sharpie.
6′ 9” x 4″ x 4″