Animator vs. Animation Game

After finishing Animator vs. Animation II (late 2006/early 2007), I received a message on Newgrounds from a high school freshman named Charles Yeh who wanted to help me make a game version of the animation. I looked at the stuff he had made and I was extremely impressed. For a 14 year old he had everything down. So we worked on a game together. I made all the art/animation/assets and he programmed everything using ActionScipt.

Looking at it and playing it now, it’s clear that it wasn’t made by a major game company. It’s quite a challenging game to play, but there are many fun features that should keep you entertained!

(Stick Figure)
WASD: move/duck/drop through platforms
IJKL: select a tool to grab
Q: grab tool/let go of tool
E: toggle tool select & crosshairs
SPACE: attack with tool
U: swat cursor
U+WASD: punch/kick
O: defend
S+O: fetal position

P.S. This is actually the “Special Edition” of the game that has Survival Mode, where the Stick Figure will occasionally blow fire and duplicate itself. I recommend starting with “Play Original” and going through the tutorials, and then moving up to the missions and survival mode.

P.P.S. Thanks to Steve Bonahoom for figuring out how to embed this SWF and position it correctly.

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