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I am now 551.25 logged hours into Animator vs. Animation IV, and I have officially run out of funding money from my Kickstarter! But I’m still working on it. I’ve reached the end of the animation, and I’m going back through it to complete unfinished parts and polish up here and there. After that I have to add sound effects, then record live action footage of the animator at his computer. Since I don’t have any more funding money, I now owe myself $1887 for the hours I’ve put in since I ran out.

So I will continue to work on the animation regardless, for free, until it is complete, BUT…

I would greatly appreciate some donations until then!! The rewards are still available.

Here is a sneak peak screenshot from the animation to give you a taste of what’s coming.



If you would like to chip in, here’s the donate page:

Thanks guys! I really appreciate you all dealing with my delays.

  • StampMotionStudio

    looking nice! Your flash animation inspired back when you made the
    others. I don’t know if you remember but I am the guy that made Grass VS
    Dirt. 🙂 Btw, I’m currently working on a new spin-off to Grass VS Dirt
    called: Snow VS Fire, which will take quite some time to make you know,
    dealing with particle effects, and all that detail.

    • Alan Becker

      Yeah I remember Grass VS Dirt. I’m excited to see Snow VS Fire! Good luck with those effects dude. 🙂

  • Emmeres

    how do you animate this ?

    • Bjørn Tønnesen

      did’t you check the website out?

  • Davor

    I wish you the best luck Alan!

  • veloci

    Check out Patreon as a method of funding/donations.

    • Alan Becker

      Omg when I found out about patreon a few weeks ago it made me so happy. I’m definitely thinking out it.

  • Josh Nolen

    When do you think you can release this latest animator vs animation