Help me plan the next animation some more, and new Minecraft Channel!


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I have been hard at work on Animator vs. Animation IV! I’ve been putting a few hours in every day, or trying to. I just put out a new video, giving the results from this video, and asking a few more questions to help me plan the next animation!


If you’ve never heard of Minecraft, you’re a minority among YouTubers. First of all, it’s a game usually played on the computer. I think of it as an infinite 3D canvas in which you can create any environment you can imagine. It’s like life-size legos. You can even build machines with electric circuitry, using what’s called “redstone”. Minecraft lets you be a landscape designer, an architect, and even a mechanical/electrical engineer without a degree! My current project (which I have been working on since 2011) is the complete recreation of the world of Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away.

Here’s the trailer:

Here’s my first official video of the channel: a Minecraft Invention! In the game, you can build railroad tracks and then run along them using minecarts. You can also pull or push any blocks using piston blocks. I’ve set this machine up to pull the railroad tracks into place in front of you as you ride the minecart, like an undulating wave of pistons in front and behind you.

I’m super excited about making videos for this channel in my spare time. I really want this project to get more attention because I know that a lot of Spirited Away fans would appreciate it. The only thing I worry about is that Studio Ghibli Inc. will find some reason to file a copyright claim on my videos. I don’t plan to play any music from the movies or show any pictures of it, so hopefully I’ll be safe. I wouldn’t want to end up with the same fate as OZ workshop’s video. Their video was taken down because of the music, though.

A fellow minecrafter that I met through the internet named Natokill4 is helping me with the project and he set up a blog dedicated to this Spirited Away Recreation Project! Check it out:

So, I’m staying busy.