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I made this animation for GreeNoodle, a moroheiya noodle company that is really easy to advertise. I’ve tried the noodles and they taste as good or better than regular ramen noodles, and they are much much healthier. I’ve become very selective with who I make videos for, I’ll only work freelance if I really believe in the product or service.

Here is their website:


And you can buy the noodles here (only ships to the contiguous 48 states of America):

plain_bigmiso_big shiitake_big tomyum_big yakisoba_big

And here is the video:

  • AverageWillPower

    Little more expensive than regular instant noodle but it seems worth it. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to ship to Canada.

    • Zenith Gamage


    • n8scr34m

      they ship for canada.. go check their website
      they don’t ship to Portugal (little country in europe next to spain) :-C

  • Ongie Giardina

    ya thats really cool but guys he has to do this to earn rent, its pretty sad. SO WHO WANTS TO SUPPORT HIS PATREON PAGE SO WE CAN ALL SEE NIMATOR VS ANIMATION MORE SOONER, HUH?!?!?!

  • crazycake69

    I might buy one.

    • Tom R.

      Yes do it. It’s very healthy

  • Dylan Clarke

    I wish they shipped to the UK. 🙁

  • pennypink

    It looks like a healthy food no it is a healthy food you should try it its really good