First Episode of Behind the Scenes is finally out!


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I’ve been working on several things, including Stick Texting, an ad for a new music TV channel called REVOLT (which I will be allowed to show once it airs on TV), and shipping 41 t-shirts and 53 posters to different locations around the world.


It was really fun dropping all these tubes in the deposit station at USPS. Very satisfying.

However, I have been trying to work a few hours every day on Animator vs. Animation IV! Yesterday, I spent the whole day compiling and recording the first behind-the-scenes video! If you are one of the 281 people who donated $10 or more to the Kickstarter project, you will have received an email about it! If you are not, it’s not too late to get added to the list! If I receive a donation from you through PayPal, I will immediately add you to the list of people that can view the behind-the-scenes videos on YouTube. Requires a Google+ account or YouTube account.

In my other free time, I’ve been getting back into perfecting my Spirited Away world in Minecraft!


Haven’t worked on it since 2011, so many new options opened up in Minecraft since then, and I feel that my design skills have gotten better since then as well.


The walkway up to the bathhouse


The clock tower gateway from the real world


The entrance to the clock tower


The pig farm


The inside bathing area

If you have Minecraft, you can download and explore my world here. It’s still in progress, so many things are still unfinished.

Anyway, back to work on Animator vs. Animation IV!