Donate/Get Rewards!

Here is my page for donations and digital downloads!

If you don’t have a PayPal account, it’s easy to make one, and you’ll probably use it again for something else. I’ve listed the rewards you can buy below. If you would just like to make a donation without any reward, click the Donate button!

$5 – an HD digital download of Animator vs. Animation 1, 2, 3, and 4. It actually took some editing to make them HD since the original size is only 550×400. Note: this reward is somewhat obsolete, as I recently released number 1 and number 2 in HD on my YouTube channel. Number 3 in HD is still exclusive to this download, though.

$15 $30 – THE ORIGINAL .FLA FILES of Animation vs. YouTube. HALF PRICE FOR ONE MONTH! Requires Adobe Animate CC. Includes 13 files, one for each scene.

$25 – THE ORIGINAL .FLA FILES of Animation vs. Minecraft. I’m releasing the original source files for anyone who wants to take it apart and learn from it! Requires Adobe Flash CS5 or above. There are 7 files, one for each scene. Includes HD Video files.

$25 – THE ORIGINAL .FLA FILES of Animator vs. Animation 4!!! Here you will find my latest Flash animation techniques. The animation was so long I had to split it into 10 separate FLA files. Includes HD videos. Requires Adobe Flash CS5 or later.

$20 – THE ORIGINAL .FLA FILES of the first 3 AvAs!! For all you Flash animators out there. If you have Adobe Flash CS5 or above, you can take apart my animations and learn from them! Includes HD videos. Includes the first three Animator vs. Animations only. Requires Adobe Flash CS5 or later.

$30 – THE .FLA BUNDLE PACK – The original source files of ALL FOUR Animator vs. Animations! This way you can see how the series developed over the course of 8 years, behind the scenes. Includes HD videos. Requires Adobe Flash CS5 or later.

$3 – If you saw Animator vs. Animation IV, you will remember the iPhone scene.
The way this scene was created was by animating the screen beforehand and playing it as a video on my phone. See my Behind-the-Scenes for more details.
Now you can download the video yourself and prank your friends!


I’m also selling t-shirts here.