Paper Cranes and KickStarter


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I’m learning about compositing 3D animation into live action footage. So there’s gonna be a video I took looking at a table with a bunch of paper cranes on it. One of the paper cranes will be computer generated, and will come to life and fly away.

So I modeled the crane in Maya and gave it a V-Ray Fast SSS2 (sub-surface scatter) material to make it see-through like paper.


Then I set up a rig for it and made it animatable.

I used MatchMover to track footage that I shot with my iPhone and create a 3D space out of it, into which I could insert my crane model. This is a screenshot from it. Can you tell which one is fake? Should be obvious, I’m still working on it.


Also, Stick Texting needs YOUR help! As of now, there are about 50 animations in the app to choose from. That number could become 90 if you help by donating to this KickStarter fund! If you give enough you can make a suggestion for one of the new animations.

It would be really cool if this project were funded so please help! Thanks.