Introducing AVM Shorts



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So even today, almost two years after Animation vs. Minecraft came out, it is still receiving twice as many views per day as any other video on my channel, even my most recent Animation vs. YouTube. Just this month it overtook Animator vs. Animation IV as the most watched video on my channel, with 82 million views. I couldn’t help but feel that I should explore this world of Minecraft a bit more, since there is so much in that world to cover, and a huge fan base waiting to follow this exploration. I also felt like it might be a better idea to work on shorter episodes and release them monthly rather than work for a whole year on longer episodes and release them annually. This monthly release structure would allow me way more access to my fans, giving me an avenue to communicate with them monthly, to share any recent side projects or events worth sharing. So that’s how AVM Shorts came about. This is the first episode, and I already have a dozen ideas for future episodes. For those who aren’t fans of Minecraft, don’t worry, I plan to make shorter episodes that aren’t about Minecraft as well. This also doesn’t mean the longer episodes won’t happen anymore.

Here it is!

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Animation vs. YouTube!!



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It’s finally done!

I started Animation vs. YouTube back in March of last year, so it’s been a year and 4 months or so. I was pretty distracted by my Ghibli World Project though, to be honest. I also became a father in June of this year. Quite an eventful year it has been.

This animation took 688 of my hours and 206 outsourced hours. It was the first time that I trusted other animators with animating the stick figures themselves. Last animation I only trusted them to place diamond armor on stick figures that I had already animated. I am slowly making steps towards an online animation studio. Anyway, here is the animation!

And here is the behind the scenes video:

Thanks for watching!!


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GreeNoodle Animation



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I made this animation for GreeNoodle, a moroheiya noodle company that is really easy to advertise. I’ve tried the noodles and they taste as good or better than regular ramen noodles, and they are much much healthier. I’ve become very selective with who I make videos for, I’ll only work freelance if I really believe in the product or service.

Here is their website:


And you can buy the noodles here (only ships to the contiguous 48 states of America):

plain_bigmiso_big shiitake_big tomyum_big yakisoba_big

And here is the video:

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