My Spirited Away Pics look SO much better!


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So my teacher Mark told me to fix up my Spirited Away images for the end of the year show. I thought they looked pretty good as they were, but there’s always stuff you can do to punch it up.




  • added displacement map to the ground (much rougher)
  • made pine needles more “thick”
  • added actual leaf texture to bamboo leaves (previously just a color)
  • put daisy-like design on the gold cylinders under the sign
  • made shrub on left more of a bush
  • made sign lettering more grungy and dark
  • put an HDR image of clouds into the window reflections
  • lowered front of bridge railing to match up with the ground
  • added erosion to pink plaster walls to the lower left and right of the bridge
  • fixed lighting in night shot to bring middle wall forward
  • raised exposure in Photoshop and added a vignette
  • rendered them out at 4000 x 2250 instead of 1920 x 1080

and various others.