Sneak Preview of Animation vs. YouTube!



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Hey guys,

Here are the first 3 minutes of my next animation, entitled Animation vs. YouTube.

I started working on this back in April, but my Ghibli Minecraft Recreation Project completely took over my time for the next several months, leading me to put it on hold until September. Now I’ve logged 150 hours and can release the first three minutes to the public, in a similar fashion to my previous animation.

The idea for this animation actually came while making Animator vs. Animation IV. Part of the plot for the animation was a scene involving YouTube, but the concept proved to be too big and needed to be given its own whole video instead of squeezing it into the already long plot of Animator vs Animation IV.

Making this video required me to ask permission from all the YouTubers whose videos I used. Many of them were really hard to reach, namely PewDiePie and the author of Charlie Bit Me. But I can safely say that all of these videos either were used with permission or were free to use under a Creative Commons license.

Here it is!

  • Ankit Sethi

    The YouTube video is still private. Can’t check it out!

  • Abhi

    i was thinking why my screen is buffering. Later i got to know

  • TheCPG

    <3 but when will it come out?

  • Aidan AlphaWolf

    Hey, I want to know if this animation is really coming out. Today is April 28, 2017. Will it come out by Summer 2017

  • SharkFishing Productions

    Hey, This is Lorv. The Animation Done on July 14th? Probably.