Animator vs. Animation IV Kickstarter Campaign has launched!!


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Wow, I’m so sorry, I’m 3 days late, I thought I posted this news on every blog conceivable, I guess I missed the blog that I most consider “my blog”.

It has been released! And with it come many exciting opportunities. For example, I’m offering the ORIGINAL SOURCE FILES of Animator vs. Animation 1, 2, and 3. Any aspiring animator would like this. I’m also offering step by step tutorials AS I MAKE the new animation, stating the problems that I need to solve, and then showing how I solve them. In essence, I’m giving away my knowledge, which has come from 7 years of animating experience, which includes 4 years of studying animation in college, a $100,000 value. But these videos are also just fun to watch, to get a sneak peak before it’s actually released.

Anyway, please watch the video. You’ll like the first 30 seconds.