AvA4 Source Files and a T-shirt Design!



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So wow, 1 million views on the first day, and nearly 4 million views in the first two weeks. I got the front page of Reddit within the first two hours. I was featured on 9GAG, USA Today, Digital Journal, Dumpert,, LazyGamer, Madmoizelle, Motionographer, my own front page banner on NewGrounds, The Meta Picture, Yahoo News. I got a Vimeo Staff Pick. The San Jose Film Festival asked to screen my film even though it was happening in a week. My subscriber count on YouTube went from 35,000 to 100,000 in 5 days. My Facebook Page went from 2,000 likes to 30,000 in 2 weeks. Axtelera Ray’s reuploaded version on Facebook has over 14 million views. My twitter following tripled.

What’s the next step? I will produce more tutorials, and brainstorm ideas for shorter Animator vs. Animation episodes, to implement the ideas I didn’t get a chance to use in number 4. This isn’t a guarantee, though, since I want to see all my options before I choose which path to take.

With 738 hours of work at a decided hourly rate of $20/hr, I now owe myself $4,730, after running out of Kickstarter funding money in July, even counting the many PayPal donations I’ve received since last year. So I’ve decided to add a new item to the list of rewards: the .FLA source files of Animator vs. Animation IV! For all of those who are interested in learning animation, this is an essential learning tool, being able to take apart my animation layer by layer. I still have the .FLA files from the previous animation available, and there is the option of getting all four, to see the year-to-year progression over 8 years. I’m eternally grateful to all those who are helping me make more animations! I hope no one thinks I’m begging for money, haha, I’ll be fine.




I also felt bad about taking away the t-shirt award, so I came up with a “pixel art” styled t-shirt that is available on spreadshirt!


  • UltimateGamer

    That is awesome! I’ll be planning to buy one of your .FLA files in the near future to work on better animations.

  • LY

    Hi there, first of all, would like to thank you for making your hard work available to all. Two weeks ago I bought all 4 fla files and have them stored on my computer, only to find out today that I am unable to open all the files… Apparently I just realised that they are also all under 100kb for some reason. Any chance that I can re-download the files? Thanks!

    • Alan Becker


      • LY

        Thanks so much 😀