Animator vs. Animation IV is done.



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Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you the product of one year’s work:

Compared to the last three videos, I’m doing things differently.
This is the first time I’ve launched it directly to YouTube, the previous two films premiered on (which is now owned
by Comedy Central) and stayed there exclusively for a few months, after which I would upload to YouTube. The drawback is that
dozens of people post it to YouTube before I get there, sucking the traffic away from my video. Not this time!

I’m also submitting it to as many film festivals as I can. Winning awards at certain film festivals can put me in the
eyesight of those who pick the Academy Award nominees. Since film festivals are spread out over the whole year, I’ll be submitting
to film festivals until well into next year, possibly the year after.

I’m pretty darn proud of this animation. And I’m happy to be moving on.

  • Rahul Ramteke

    dude, EPIC!!!!!!!!

  • Arnav Joshi

    Oh my god, thank you.

  • Thái Anh Nga

    great! how do you do that? could you give me a tutorial? thanks so much

  • Samuel Mateo, Jr.

    So awesome. Unfortunately facebook is the new youtube. I first saw this animation on a facebook page and even though it gives you credit it also does take away from your views and ad revenue from YT. This is the new thing on FB. Because Video is such a huge medium all these pages looking for likes just download popular YT videos and upload them to their pages to gain exposure on the backs of others hard work. It should be illegal. See page here (its probably not the only one either):

    • Alan Becker

      yeah I saw one on facebook with 9 million views and 200,000 shares. holy crap. they could have embedded my video…

      • caitlin

        what website do you download this program because i want to make an animation

  • Keina Draca

    This is the best in the series, and it is the perfect ending. Thank you so much for sharing this work with us. It still amazes me how much emotion you have been able to make me feel for these stick figures, and it warmed my heart to see the little guys getting along with the animator at the end. I hope you win many awards with this, and get all of the credit for your hard work, you have certainly earned it and I’ll do my share to direct people to you.