Animation vs. YouTube!!



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It’s finally done!

I started Animation vs. YouTube back in March of last year, so it’s been a year and 4 months or so. I was pretty distracted by my Ghibli World Project though, to be honest. I also became a father in June of this year. Quite an eventful year it has been.

This animation took 688 of my hours and 206 outsourced hours. It was the first time that I trusted other animators with animating the stick figures themselves. Last animation I only trusted them to place diamond armor on stick figures that I had already animated. I am slowly making steps towards an online animation studio. Anyway, here is the animation!

And here is the behind the scenes video:

Thanks for watching!!


  • Emmet Perez

    Congratulations on finishing your project.
    You’re a great animator, I hope you continue thinking about following the history of your personages, because seriously I’m expecting something that has to do with your past projects, as was animator vs animation II
    Gracias por tu gran trabajo.

  • 陈瑞欧

    Hey Alan could I upload Animation vs. YouTube to Chinese video website to share with my Chinese friends?

  • Jayjay Tantrum

    Great job!
    I know this took awhile
    and congrats on your new child
    but I admire how you worked through this project
    Very great work

  • Wong Suei Qi

    Those savage scenes in that animation tho

  • animator

    Congrats on your animation,but this one just doesn’t have that alan becker feel to it like the others

  • syaondri

    nice one XD I love how the youtubers do interact with the characters XD