Animated Photo Series and Burger Box Animation!


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I did this photo series in late 2011, in my Photography 2 class. I like photography, but I like animation more, so for one project I decided to make an animation with ten photos in ten different places. Click the photo, it’s an actual series of 10 photos.

ALSO… I made a delicious animation in MAYA!!

This was the final project in Computer Animation, the same class I made the bathhouse in.

I liked animating it, but my favorite part was adding the textures to the burger. The shiny grease on the patty, the glistening tomato seeds, the flowing curves of the lettuce.

In other news, my school had an end of the year show and it featured Animator vs. Animation III. It was my first time seeing a full crowd of people react to it. It was quite nice.


Alan Becker